Multicultural works of art on display at Saga

An art exhibition in the city of Saga in southwestern Japan features works by people with foreign roots and created with ink and brushes.

The exhibition was organized by the International Relations Association of Saga Prefecture and aims to promote the idea of ​​a multicultural society. The theme is “Free your heart from borders”.

A total of 92 works are exhibited by people with roots in 19 countries and regions and ties to Saga.

A woman from Britain wrote the Japanese word for “family” in large Chinese characters.

The woman has not been able to see her family in Britain for over two years due to the coronavirus pandemic. She says she has expressed in her work how her friend in Saga has become like family to her.

A Myanmar man wrote in the language of his country: “Peace be with you, Myanmar”. He says he wanted to convey his wishes for peace in Myanmar after the military coup.

Some of the artworks depict landscapes in Japan and people’s hometowns.

The president of the association, Kuroiwa Haruji, explains that while some people drew landscapes of their native land or their mother, others wrote the words that are dear to them in their own language.

He said each piece expresses people’s lives and he wants visitors to stop and take a moment to appreciate the works.

Christopher S. Washington