My Hero Academia Releases Aizawa’s Grunge Rock Aesthetic In New Art

If there’s one character in My Hero Academia that everyone loves, it’s Aizawa. The man may be better known as Eraserhead, but to Class 1-A, he’s just their teacher. Over the years, the man has become one of anime’s top mentors, and the fandom is rightly obsessed with his cozy aesthetic. But now, a new piece of artwork changes things up and gives Aizawa a grunge rock makeover.

As you can see below, the artwork is from Kohei Horikoshi himself. The series creator inked a black and white cover for Team-Up Mission, and he decided the piece would transform Aizawa in ways that would make Harry Styles proud.

The hero ditched his usual baggy black suit and donned a tight-fitting blazer. The jacket covers a cashmere button-up top that exposes Aizawa’s chest just enough. This look pairs well with a pair of pants, and for one thing, Aizawa’s long hair is styled in sleek waves.

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Of course, it’s hard to ignore Eraserhead’s friend in this snap. Present Mic is also on this cover, and the music-loving hero looks just as suave as his friend. When her blonde hair is in a bun, Present Mic wears a pair of aviator sunglasses and a leather jacket with skinny jeans. There’s no doubt that these two look ready to dominate a rock show or grunge runaway in this cover. And given how fans are drooling over this makeover, you can see why Aizawa’s new style is appealing to netizens.

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Christopher S. Washington