Nail art works like a chai ki challni

Video of an artist manicuring a nail to make it look like a DIY chai ki challni (tea strainer) has gone viral on social media.

A video, shared by Instagram user @ilysmnail, shows a designer sculpting a nail. A hole is created in the center of a fake nail and adds a sieve that would work as if it were a sieve.

A cup of chai [tea] is then poured through his fingernail which can be used as a tea strainer. To top it off, a piece of elaichi (cardamom) falls on the “colander”.

Netizens made weird and hilarious comments regarding the clip.

One user said he wasn’t sure whether to be impressed or not, while another considered it a frying basket.

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A third netizen claimed it was cool, but at first it looked like a studio microphone was in the works while the fourth hoped the coffee filter version would be coming as well.

Recently, a clip of a nail artist putting a fish inside a round fake nail.

The clip sees the artist create a nail extension where the fish was to be inserted. A woman’s fingernail was then manicured, after which an extension was placed on it.

A small fish was plucked before putting it inside the nail extension which had water in it before picking up the fish after a few seconds.


Christopher S. Washington