Neuberg Diagnostics announces the launch of a state-of-the-art regional reference laboratory in Coimbatore


Coimbatore: Neuberg Diagnostics, one of India’s top 4 Path lab chains with over 150 labs and over 2,000 touchpoints with presence in India, South Africa, UAE and US -United. Today they announced their expansion into Tamil Nadu, launching their processing lab in Coimbatore. This advanced reference laboratory was inaugurated by Mrs. Kalpana Anandakumar, Mayor, Coimbatore Corporation, Dr. R. Mahendran, Dep. Secretary IT wing, DMK, and Dr GSK Velu, Chairman & Managing Director, Neuberg Diagnostics. Also present at the launch event were Ms. Aishwarya Vasudevan, Chief Operating Officer, Dr. Saranya Narayan, Technical Director and Chief Microbiologist, Neuberg Diagnostics.

The new laboratory in Coimbatore is equipped to perform and process a wide variety of tests and is capable of processing approximately 1000 samples per day and delivering results within the given turnaround time which differs from test to test while now the best quality in its class. . The diagnostic company has also virtually opened labs in Ooty, Erode and a lab inside the women’s center near maternity hospitals and will soon open labs in Pollachi, Valparai, etc. and 10 other sites with open collection centers at 100 sites. People can take advantage of services such as the wellness center, preventive health checks and door-to-door collection. For a home visit, reservation and other service enquiries, call us toll free at 9700369700.

The lab will also focus on specialist testing needs for hospitals, nursing homes and small labs in Coimbatore, Tirupur, Pollachi, Udumalpet, Valparai, Avinashi and Nilgiris District. Additionally, Neuberg as a group is equipped to perform futuristic tests such as genomics, proteomics, metabolomics, molecular biology and digital pathology.
Dr. GSK Velu, President and CEO of Neuberg Diagnostics, said: “The new laboratory is equipped with comprehensive pathology and molecular diagnostic testing facilities. This integrated center of excellence is a step toward providing high-quality diagnostics to enable physicians to accurately diagnose health conditions and perform safer procedures while embracing technology for quality of life. Recognizing the growing demand for quality diagnostic services, we planned to expand to provide quality health services by launching the laboratory in Coimbatore. Residents of different regions will now have access to a wide range of tests and well-organized health check packages.

Aishwarya Vasudevan, Group Chief Operating Officer, Neuberg Diagnostics, said: “With this new laboratory, we look forward to taking on the responsibility of providing advanced and quality diagnostic tests to the people of Coimbatore and other areas. like Nilgiris, Erode, Tirupur. by launching 10 laboratories and 100 contact points. There is a need for top quality healthcare services ranging from diagnosis to treatment from all parts of the country, and especially Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities. Following the launch of this benchmark lab, Neuberg aims to mitigate weak spots in the health ecosystem.

Neuberg Diagnostic Centers are set up in various locations in India to provide quality diagnostic services to the semi-urban and rural population, especially the economically weaker strata of the society at affordable costs.

With over 200 years of combined pathology expertise, advanced diagnostic services, global quality standards and state-of-the-art facilities, Neuberg Diagnostics has become one of India’s leading diagnostic chains and fastest growing start-ups. fast since 2017.
With over 150 laboratories and more than 2,000 points of contact, Neuberg Diagnostics is present in India, the United States, the United Arab Emirates and South Africa. Neuberg is one of the top 4 diagnostic chains of Indian origin and is present in almost every major city with processing laboratories and/or sample collection facilities.

About Neuberg Diagnostics:

Best-in-class laboratories in India, the United States, the United Arab Emirates and South Africa have united under the banner of Neuberg Diagnostics, to bring the latest technologies and techniques within reach of developing countries. Using their combined strengths, the Neuberg brings capabilities to perform over 6,000 varieties of pathological investigations and promotes prevention and early diagnosis, targeted wellness programs, and structured disease management programs for rare diseases using the most advanced technologies assisted by data science and AI tools.

Today, Neuberg Diagnostics is among the leading diagnostic companies of Indian origin and the fastest growing diagnostic chain in India. The founding members of Neuberg Diagnostics – Anand Diagnostic Laboratory (Bangalore), Supratech Micropath (Ahmedabad), Ehrlich Laboratory (Chennai), Global Labs (South Africa) and Minerva Diagnostics (Dubai) bring their combined heritage of over 200 years, and process more than 30 million tests per year. Some of the best pathologists, biochemists, geneticists, microbiologists and several other clinical laboratory professionals around the world work closely together, share their knowledge and use the latest generation of diagnostic techniques to take accurate and rapid diagnosis to the next level.

Currently, the group has more than 150 laboratories and more than 2,000 contact points in 4 countries. Our overseas expansion plans include establishing a presence in East Africa, West Africa, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh and Germany.
Neuberg also provides hospital laboratory management services, preventative health checkups, corporate wellness services, home health services, and drive-through phlebotomy services.

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