New Grand Theft Auto character leaked by voice actor

A voice actor claims he’s been hired by Rockstar for a new Grand Theft Auto game, but doesn’t know what game he’s working on.

mcclane main character leak

Grand Theft Auto fans are eager to receive any kind of news regarding future Rockstar Games content, whether it is related to Grand Theft Auto Online or the supposed development of Grand Theft Auto 6. Fortunately, some news seems to have leaked recently regarding an upcoming Grand Theft Auto character. The leak comes from voice actor Dave Jackson, who says they were hired by Rockstar to play the character of Captain McClane in an upcoming Grand Theft Auto Game. They have since deleted their Facebook post making the announcement.

From what Jackson says, McClane’s character is expected to appear in a “new Grand Theft Auto series “, but they later specify that they do not know exactly where their character will appear in Grand Theft Auto. They don’t know if it will be Grand Theft Auto 6 or a future Grand Theft Auto Online update. Specifically, they were not told if it was for GTA6 Where GTAO. What they do know is that Rockstar is currently working on a trailer and Jackson is involved.

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Jackson’s experience is said to range from voiceover for an audiobook to video games, though he has no reference to major projects of the scale of. Grand Theft Auto. This begs the question of whether Jackson may have been confused about the project or misinformed people. There is no evidence pointing one way or the other, of course. Rockstar historically employs NDAs to keep voice actors from speaking on current projects, but that hasn’t historically stopped people from speaking.

dave jackson grand theft auto post facebook

Speaking of the NDAs, Jackson was asked if he was violating his when talking about the Grand Theft Auto project. Jackson says the producers he worked with “said I can spread the world” and expect the trailer he’s been working on soon.

If Jackson is telling the truth and is not confused about the situation, his character of Captain McClane seems much more likely to be a part of Grand Theft Auto Online rather than Grand Theft Auto 6. There have been rumors of a “Cops and Crooks” update for GTA Online for months or even a year. It’s more than possible that Rockstar has an upcoming trailer, if it exists.

As for the possibility that Jackson potentially discloses a Grand Theft Auto 6 character, that’s much less likely given his news on the trailer. Grand Theft Auto 6 has yet to be officially announced and it’s a bold guess that Rockstar would be comfortable with the news regarding an early leaked trailer. This is if the leak is reliable in the first place.

Grand Theft Auto Online is out now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One, with a PS5 and Xbox Series X / S release coming on November 11.

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