New Water Goddess Camissa Art Mural Is Making Waves at the V&A

Last year, street artist Nadia Fisher, aka Nardstar, created one of Cape Town’s largest murals inspired by the uBuntu theme.

It took 15 days, an assistant and work 22 meters above the ground.

Nardstar was an obvious choice for the job, given his position as one of the country’s top street artists, represented worldwide from the United States to Brazil.

This year, Nardstar is once again making waves in collaboration with Danish artist Eske Touareg by creating a glossy mural depicting a magnificent water goddess (Camissa) and referencing the importance of groundwater – an imperative part of awareness of climate change.

Both works of art are linked to the current campaigns activated by the SOS partner, an NPO, at the V&A Waterfront and have been described as “the murals of conservation”.

Tuareg Eske

Other partners included the City of Cape Town, WWF South Africa and the Danish Embassy (Pretoria).

The murals also recall Cape Town’s relationship with water, in reference to the drought in the mother city from 2015 to 2019. In this aspect, the water goddess encompasses water security, something that Cape Town knows what it’s like to be without.

Camissa is a Khoi title for Cape Town and expresses “the place of sweet water” as photojournalist Armand Hough describes it, leading us to look at our new water goddess as a visual for Cape Town in its protected prosperity .

With COP-27 taking place later this year, the emergence of art as activism comes at the perfect time. It’s also amazing to see local artists like Nardstar lend their visual voice to topics so close to home, yet so universal.

The murals can be viewed at Makers Landing at the V&A.

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Photo: @sos_npo

Christopher S. Washington