New X-Men fan art gives Marvel mutants a sleek new look

Artist Kevin Wada on Twitter posted some X-Men costume redesigns, featuring Cyclops, Nightcrawler, Rogue, Gambit and Storm.

the X Men from Marvel Comics have been reimagined countless times in iconic costumes, with a new fan art piece from artist Kevin Wada that takes it one step further. At Twitter, artist Kevin Wada (@kevinwada) posted a series of redesigned costumes for mutants such as Cyclops, Nightcrawler, Rogue, Gambit, Iceman, Storm, Daken and Jubilee, bridging the gap between superhero outfits and stylish everyday clothes. Even though the X-Men have had a plethora of costumes over the years, Wada’s designs are fresh in both playfulness and practicality.

Costumes are an area of ​​particular interest to X-Men fans, considering the number of uniforms the X-Men have walked through over the years. Additionally, the diversity of Marvel’s mutants has provided endless inspiration for artists and fans to reimagine the look of their favorite hero. What’s also special about the X-Men is their relationship with fans, which makes them easy to imagine existing in the real world. Wada’s ready-to-wear creations thus draw on this bond between hero and fan.


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While Wada has strayed far from a traditional cape and tights for each mutant, they are all recognizable for the subtle details that unite them with their comic book counterpart. Cyclops sports his iconic visor, but his shaved head and short-sleeved bodysuit gives him an edginess you don’t usually see with the character of Scott Summers. For Nightcrawler, Wada uses Kurt Wagner’s red vertical lines X-Men giant size suit and puts them to the side of his suit, under a gray sleeveless cropped hoodie with a pair of yellow rapier swords over it, referencing his favorite weapon. For Rogue, Wada transforms her section of white hair into bangs, giving it a 70s shag hairstyle. Paired with a long black coat over a sport-inspired olive green ensemble, Wada’s design is one of Rogue’s best looks. . Gambit is recognizable but cool, keeping her gloves on and swapping her long brown coat for a short that showcases the corset-inspired red details on her bodysuit.

The cropped silhouette continues with the Iceman and Storm suits, with Bobby sporting a gray collar bomber jacket over a red and black bodysuit. Storm’s look is an updated version of her iconic 1980s mohawk and black vest, featuring a cropped top with “VAN DYNE” on the elastic band and the sides of her head shaved. This take on the classic Storm look is even better with the frayed edges of the Ororo vest and its locs pulled back into a bun. For Daken, Wada uses neutral tones for a costume that gives her a more armored look without looking bulky. Finally, Jubilee’s costume combines tenacity and femininity with a leather motorcycle jacket worn over a yellow hoodie and a black and pink bodysuit. Paired with choker necklaces, black lipstick and nail polish, tiny pink sunglasses and a pink shaved head, Jubilee has never looked so daring.

Together, Wada’s revamps of some of Marvel’s most beloved mutants deliver a fun, edgy take on a traditional superhero costume. The X-Men always have a group responsive to current cultural conversations, and their costumes in Wada’s art reflect that tradition. Wada’s art having been featured in X Men titles before, fans can only hope to see more in the future.

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Source: Twitter/ Kevin Wada (@kevinwada)

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