Newmarket finds no illegal fireworks over the long weekend

Previous holidays have sparked complaints of people throwing fireworks at illegal times

Skies were calm over Newmarket over the past holiday weekend as the bylaw department found no one illegally setting off fireworks.

After several reports of fireworks outside of legal hours over the Victoria Day and Canada Day weekends this year, the city said residents followed the rules for the August 2 civic holiday. . The municipality, which does not allow fireworks during the August long weekend, said the bylaws department had only received and responded to one complaint call. Officers found no one there shooting fireworks.

Newmarket Mayor John Taylor spoke positively about the news.

“I was very happy to see the community respond to messages from our city by adhering to the bylaw banning fireworks this past weekend,” Taylor said.

Newmarket’s fireworks regulations prohibit them, except for three-day periods during the Canada Day and Victoria Day holidays. The city reminded residents of the fireworks ban last week, with fines starting at $ 600.

The fireworks recently sparked complaints from the community, with people upset by the disruption that spanned several days. Concerns include pets and wildlife in distress, or people with mental health issues like PTSD.

A NewmarketToday poll found that a majority of people wanted either a stricter enforcement of fireworks or an outright ban.

Taylor said residents should continue to follow fireworks rules.

“We encourage residents to only use fireworks in full accordance with the times, days and locations allowed,” he said.

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