October – November Exhibitions @ Art Works

Discover 5 new exhibitions and 75 active artists’ studios. Visit us from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday to Sunday. Admission is free and open to the public. Exhibitions by: Tim Harper, Lew Lott, Central VA Artist Association and Tom Campbell.

In the main gallery, Frank Kreacic’s exhibition, Chromaludre continues. We provide 3D glasses for Frank’s exhibit. You will need it to view this new media. Unlike everything, everywhere the paintings blossom and bloom before your eyes. His inspiration is movie characters, action figures, even Star Wars. You will come across Spider Pit, Dark Stairs, Dungeon Chamber and more. And there’s the All Media Show with a Dark Art theme, plus two solo shows by Natalie Gates and Libby Clark.

Chromaludre by Frank Kreacic

Frank Kreacic describes himself as an artist of the 21st century. He uses technology to combine a love for science and history with comics and movies. Frank is originally from California and now resides in North Carolina. You can see his large-scale work in Durham – a triptych that pays homage to the spirit and future of the city.

His exhibit at Art Works speaks to many generations who have spent time watching TV, going to the movies, reading comics, and acting as superheroes. Use a pair of 3D glasses to view each painting and see which superhero, Star Wars action figure or movie star jumps out at you.

The exhibition is at the Jane Sandelin gallery.


Recent works by Natalie Colleen Gate

Natalie is a painter who loves buildings and architecture. She is particularly interested in the contrast between the built and natural worlds: how cities become landscapes and how man-made structures exist in nature. She works in oil.

This exhibition will be exhibited in the Corner Gallery.


From Earth by Libby Clark

As a child, Libby carved and painted little squirrels and other creatures from acorns and scraps of reclaimed wood. At nine, she got her first camera. This early contact with nature made her aware of the responsibility to preserve the environment. She has photographed nature and created digital combinations that evoke communion with nature. She senses the spirits she senses in all aspects of her surroundings and has found renewed hope for the planet. She says, “Earth has been around for thousands of years before humans and seems to be healing itself. That we humans survive is now our responsibility, as a species. This exhibition will be in the Skylight Gallery. ________________________________________


This exhibition is central to all Art Works openings. This is a juried show with cash prizes and is open to all artists and mediums. The theme is “black art”. After all, it’s Halloween and a spooky display seems appropriate.

The call for applications is from September 27, 2021 to October 13, 2021. Submit your applications via our online form. Visit our website for more details on submitting your work:

Christopher S. Washington