Parole officer charged with fatal hit and run reportedly stole car in Daly town from woman he was on a date with

The suspect in the New Year hit and run collision in SF’s SoMa neighborhood, which killed two, allegedly stole the car used in the incident two days earlier from a woman he had met on a dating app.

45-year-old Troy Ramon McAlister sounds more and more classy as we learn from the Chronicle today that he had a second date with a woman at a fast food restaurant in Daly City when he allegedly took off in his car on December 29, turning the bird over to him as he left. The woman told Daly City police officers that McAlister ripped off her keys while the two were waiting for food at Nation’s Giant Hamburgers and drove off in his gray 2017 Honda HR-V. She also provided officers with her name and address and said he showed her a 9mm pistol with an extended magazine.

Daly City Police filed a report on the car theft on the 29th, noting that they would follow up on January 3. in addition to allegedly stealing a car.

As anger grows over the case, part of which is directed against District Attorney Chesa Boudin – McAlister was released from prison in April under a plea deal with Boudin’s office after he served five years for armed robbery, and was arrested and released multiple times for several alleged crimes in the months that followed – anger is likely to now flow to Daly City officers who could have potentially locked up two McAlister days before the fatal SoMa crash.

A neighbor who witnessed the New Year’s Eve crash, Raymond Ng, says KTVU that there were two men in the car at the time of the accident, and that a man in the passenger seat quickly fled after the women were hit. McAlister apparently struggled to get out of the car after his airbags were deployed, Ng said, but then fled as well and was chased by passers-by to a nearby building.

The two women killed in the crash were identified during the weekend like Hanako Abe, 27, of San Francisco, and Elizabeth Platt, 60.

Abe’s mother, Hiroko Abe, who lives in Japan, talked to ABC 7 through a translator on Sunday, claiming that feeling anger at McAlister was unnecessary. “Even though she hates him, it won’t bring her back,” the translator said. “Plus, Hana always wished everyone were happy and if it was her, she would like that person who did this to also become happy and live a happy life.”

A small memorial has grown near the crash site on Second Street, and Abe’s family is encouraging more people to leave flowers there, as Abe’s name translates to “flower child.” Abe’s parents would travel to San Francisco to bring Abe’s remains with them to Japan.

Update: Boudin issued a statement regarding McAllister saying, “There are missed opportunities here, and you are correct that every law enforcement agency involved in overseeing Mr. McAllister or dealing with his arrests is reviewing. near what happened and what could have happened. “

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