‘Rao pioneer of the contemporary art movement’

The second Chandrasekhar Rao Memorial Lecture was presented by the eminent painter and printmaker from Odisha, Ramahari Jena. He recalled at length his long association with Rao, first as his

student and later as a co-artist working together for the Working Artists’ Association.

He highlighted Chandrasekhar’s artistic journey through different phases and showcased several lesser-known works of art from his life as a student to the evolution of a signature style.

Jena explained how the subjects carry a sense of the history and activities of the rural past, which is slowly fading away with the idea of ​​progress and urbanization. He also highlighted Rao’s role as chairman of the Working Artists Association, the first collective of artists formed in Bhubaneswar for the cause of expanding artistic pursuits beyond Odisha.

Professor Pradosh Mishra highlighted the contribution of artists to regional modernism and its growing importance in recent art history. He stressed the need for such academic discussion which can contribute to further explore the art of Odishan and recognize the contribution of important artists to the state.

On the occasion, a recently published monograph by Odisha Lalit Kala Akademi was released in the presence of the Secretary of Lalit Kala Academy, Panchanan Samal. The monograph is written by Dr. Ramakanta Samantray.

The memorial lecture was organized by the Utsha Foundation for Contemporary Art, Bhubaneswar, as part of their academic commitment to the art and culture of Odishan. Sumitra Padhi offered the vote of thanks.

Christopher S. Washington