Redfern just scored a new masterpiece of street art requiring Premier Omicron’s escaped response

Street art legend Scottie Marsh is no stranger to political satire. Many of his most talked about murals poke fun at Scott Morrison, Tony Abbot, Gladys Berejiklian, and disgraced religious leader Cardinal George Pell. His latest blockbuster art work, which you can currently find in an alleyway at 28 Pitt Street in Redfern, targets the last NSW prime minister, whom Marsh dubbed ‘Domicron Perrottet’ – and rightly so, the picture has gone viral. .

Depicting the former state treasurer as a green coronavirus, the image includes a bubble with the phrase “Let it rip!” In reference to Perrottet’s decision to drop nearly all health measures across the state in mid-December, just as the highly transmissible Omicron variant began to spread throughout the community. The virus has now infected hundreds of thousands of people across the state in just a few weeks, although due to a reduction in PCR testing and the scarcity of rapid antigen testing, it is currently unclear how many people are now positive for Covid in NSW.

Major news outlets, including Channel 7 television, covered the irreverent artwork, and it was shared widely on social media platforms. In fact, the mural turned out to be so popular that Marsh released a t-shirt with the design printed on it, which you can order right now from Scottie Marsh’s website.

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Christopher S. Washington