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After many years of wanting to express opinions on fireworks, I think it’s finally time to do so.

Even though the fireworks bill was opposed by Governor DeWine, I think most of us know it will eventually pass.

Not everyone appreciates the constant noise that goes on endlessly from so-called neighborhood “celebrations”. There are thousands of people who think like me, that it lasts too long.

These people remain silent, thinking that talking will get nowhere. There are veterans who suffer from PTSD, pets suffer from unexpected explosions, people with anxiety disorders, etc. I have spoken to many dedicated rescue volunteers who tell me that they are not even able to take their pets out for short walks! There are veterans who put on headphones and hide in their basements to try and escape the noise. Is it right? No!

This is not a letter to try to take away rights from anyone, but we should also have the right to go and sit in our backyards without the fireworks night after night. It starts weeks before the holidays and continues for weeks (sometimes longer) after, and at any time of the day or night! As I’m sitting here now, a month after July 4th, someone is pulling it out. I was outside with the dogs and immediately had to bring them inside, scared.

I don’t want to hear “show respect for your neighborhood” either. I think most people agree that respecting others is a lost art.

With the way the new law is worded, we would have legal fireworks allowed for about 28 days… Chinese New Year, Presidents Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, over and over again. Seriously? The birth of Jesus Christ, seriously? Three, four, five weekend days, seriously?

There will also be a lot of people pushing the boundaries, knowing it’s not really enforced. Police departments are too overworked to deal with fireworks complaints.

If people who don’t like noise knew it would just be on a specific night and between certain reasonable times, they could prepare. Shoot them down and let’s be done!

I urge those who agree to start speaking. There absolutely should be some type of compromise and conclusion. This law needs to be rewritten and softened to try to please everyone. We are all taxpayers and owners!



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