Silk invades the Spider-Verse in stunning Cindy Moon art

In a Tweet posting a cover variant of the artist’s all-new Silk comic book series, Silk is shown invading the Spider-Verse in art packed with references!

Cindy Moon aka Silk quickly became a fan-favorite spider-hero during its fairly recent introduction in Marvel comics, and now she’s invaded the Spider-Verse in a stunning piece of art. This piece of art couldn’t have come at a better time for the character, as Silk is gearing up to appear in an all-new solo comic series as well as a live-action TV series coming out on Amazon Prime. Video. As anticipation mounts for upcoming Silk projects, this new piece of art perfectly captures why fans should be so excited to see more of Spider-Man’s ally.

Silk made his first appearance as Spider Hero in 2014 with the number The Incredible Spider-Man Vol. 3 # 4 by Dan Slott and Humberto Ramos, but its origin was shown a few issues earlier in The Incredible Spider-Man Vol. 3 # 1 and is directly linked to Peter Parker’s origin as Spider-Man. Cindy Moon, after getting into trouble with her mother, was forced to attend the same nuclear waste disposal demonstration as Peter Parker. After a spider was irradiated and bitten Peter Parker on the hand, it then fell and bit Cindy Moon on the ankle before dying. After this closer examination of Spider-Man’s origins, fans realize that Parker wasn’t the only spider hero born that day, and now Cindy Moon is truly getting the recognition she deserves by starting with a stunning. silk work of art.


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In one Tweet posted by comic book cover artist Rian Gonzales, the artist has released his cover variant for the upcoming Silk # 1. In addition to the cover art, Gonzales also wrote in the post: “I was trying to imagine him invading the Spider-Verse!”Which is evident from the image. Cindy Moon is seated in front of a graffiti that reads “Silk” which is a clear reference to Miles Morales’ inclination for this form of work of art which has been shown extensively in the film. Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse, Miles being correctly recognized in the reference with a label on the wall saying: “Miles was there!

Silk’s Spider-Verse benchmark is appropriate given the specifics of its upcoming live-action TV series on Amazon Prime Video. The new series will be produced by Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verseby Phil Lord and Christopher Miller. Whether or not their involvement in the new series has an impact on the future. Spider-Verse projects (in the form of Silk’s inclusion) remains to be seen, although the reference in the new sleeve definitely plays with the idea that this is a possibility.

Although Silk no longer appears in the future Spider-Verse projects, Cindy Moon fans need not worry as the debuts of her new monthly comic book series are looming on the horizon, one to which this piece of art is a superb cover variant. Marvel comics fans can pick up an edition of the new Silk comic book with this cover art by pre-ordering an issue from The Vault Comix website and can grab the first issue of the Spider Man– Linked series in comic book stores as well as a number of digital platforms on January 19.

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