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For those who haven’t heard yet, there’s been something brewing in Sisters this summer. Throughout the season, Sisters Art Works acted as a communal backyard for those lucky enough to see a performance there, curated by the folks at the Sisters Folk Festival. The small stage behind SFF headquarters overlooks a small lawn lined with chairs, people on apartment balconies dancing above, and some of the most beautiful sunsets. Audiences get an up close and personal listening experience and mountain views. I don’t want to trigger anyone’s FOMO for those who haven’t, but the lineup has been fantastic.

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  • Chris Williams
  • Sisters Art Works is the rendezvous of the summer!

MarchFourth marched in early July with a huge ensemble of horns and drums. Rising Appalachia hit the stage on July 21 and rocked the audience. Watchhouse (formerly known as Mandolin Orange) appeared on July 30 with audiences amazed by the outstanding musicianship. Folk legend Tim O’Brian was there last week, and now to cap off the summer, the venue will host Southern Avenue and Jontavious Willis for a night of gritty blues.

With the addition of lots of great summer music, the Sisters Art Works shows only add to the solid reputation Sisters has built as a music town.

SFF presents: Southern Avenue and Jontavious Willis
Thu 11 Aug. 7 p.m.
Sisters Works
204 West Adams, Sisters
Tickets on

Christopher S. Washington