Smeg and the Science Fiction Art of Swearing – Kerrang!

The people of Mega City One (Dredd’s colossal playground) have a few other profanities as well, with “stomm” essentially doubling to “shit”, “Grud damn!” And “Jovus!” replacing mild profanity, and ‘spug’ occasionally replacing ‘drokk’ as another ‘whore’-double. Portishead’s Geoff Barrow released an album titled Drokk: Music Inspired By Mega City One, which, given the coarseness of the word in the universe, likely wouldn’t have been allowed if Geoff had actually lived there.

When 2000AD writer Alan Grant (unrelated to Jurassic Park paleontologist of the same name) started working for DC Comics, he gave (extremely metal) character Lobo several grossly silly bogus catchphrases, including ” Feetal’s gizz! ” and “Bastich! (Note: The first paid work by Simon Bisley, Y2K Artist and Lobo co-creator, was a Kerrang shirt!). Another 2000AD band, Sinister Dexter, introduced the word “funt,” either a subtle nod to the creator of Candid Camera, or a clever hybrid of the words f and c.

False curses aren’t just limited to humans, either. The Heartbreaking Rabbit Epic Watership Down features several terms in the Rabbit language, created by author Richard Adams as the ancient language of the Rabbits. This includes “Hraka! Which means “shit”. The Nome King of the Books of Oz exclaims “Hippikaloric!” at one point, which is apparently shockingly obscene.

“Smeg”, by Red Dwarf, is of course the biggest fictitious swear word in the world. Short, simple and disgusting, coming from organic origins that we really don’t need to delve into here, he almost certainly both sold a lot of refrigerators dear to Red Dwarf fans and put a few out. of them.

Christopher S. Washington