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Sonam Kapoor dedicated the beautiful art to the little boy: Sharing the photo on social media, the actress revealed the true meaning behind the painting

Sonam Kapoor gave birth to a baby boy on August 20. On a special occasion, the couple did a special painting for their baby announcement. On August 28, Sonam shared a photo of the artwork on her social media, in which the actress revealed that she had dedicated this painting to the little boy, which was prepared by renowned artist Ritika Merchant. The actress shared in the caption that she and Anand wanted to prepare a special piece for this phase of their lives, which they decided to ask Ritika to do an aesthetic painting for.
Sonam shared a note with the photo, in which she explained the meaning of the shot. The actress wrote – The sky made of blue in the painting is the father and the earth ahead is the shape of the mother. A child is born from the union of the two. As a father, the sky is gentle, but the child is alert, while as a mother, the earth is aware of the child. To protect his child, the father becomes like an eagle and the mother a deer. The eagle or falcon represents fatherly responsibilities, while the deer symbolizes motherhood. Both deal with the situations in their child’s life while remaining gentle and alert.
The actress wrote of the significance of the painting: “During ancient history, when the earth was cold, deer lived in abundance. The people of the north worshiped the female deer, the mother giving them life. The herd leaders depended on them for their survival. In the historical period, the female deer was considered a form of the mother.
Sonam fans are very fond of this customized table. In the comments section, Ritika praises this painting done by Merchant.

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