SpongeBob Becomes A Horrible Monster Junji Ito In New Official Art

In incredible official artwork, SpongeBob SquarePants finds himself becoming a Junji Ito monster straight out of Uzumaki!

Nickelodeon’s Beloved Icon Spongebobs has become a horrible Junji Itō monster in the official illustrations. Junji Ito is considered one of the best horror manga artists in the genre. His spooky creations have found a fanbase across the world, as each of his stories provides surreal and nightmarish imagery. From recurring characters like Souichi and Tomie to terrifying story ideas like Uzumaki, Ito has redefined the horror landscape with his craft. He’s so popular in fact that two new anime based on his stories are currently in the works along with an anthology series, Junji Ito Crazy, set to debut on Netflix in January. Now, a new official artwork takes the artist’s spooky designs and applies them to an unexpected character.


SpongeBob SquarePants has become a pop culture icon over the years since its debut in 1999. Created by the late Stephen Hillenberg, the yellow sea sponge’s wacky adventures with his friends in Bikini Bottom is one of the greatest Nickelodeon must-haves. In fact, its popularity is the very reason the show continues to run to this day. Despite his stupid antics, SpongeBob wasn’t afraid to scare with episodes like “I was a teenager Gary” and “scary pants“, so seeing his latest mash-up with legendary manga artist Junji Ito isn’t too far off.

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On Official SpongeBob SquarePants Twitter account, SpongeBob is shown in the classic black and white style of an Ito drawing. However, he found himself in history Uzumaki as he recreates one of the manga’s most famous images. The original story follows a city plagued by spirals that cause disturbing and horrific events. Azami, one of the form’s victims, finds herself growing one on her own head as she gets bigger and bigger. in one of from Uzumaki weirdest times. Similar to her, SpongeBob also experiences this as a spiral-shaped hole forms above his eye. Of course, to spare the kids how disturbing this moment becomes, his eye doesn’t circle around until it disappears. Instead, it’s a fairly faithful recreation of the image that has undoubtedly become one of the most iconic moments in Ito’s masterpiece.

Spongebob Uzumaki The design pays even more homage to the source

What’s fascinating about this work is that it doesn’t stop at putting Spongebob in the same situation as Azami. It actually goes one step further with a small detail that shows respect for the terror of Junji Ito’s story. As mentioned earlier, the city of Uzumaki is dominated by the shape of the spiral, making them appear subtly and overtly throughout the manga. In this work, the artist actually adds spirals to SpongeBob’s pores to imply that the character is being overwhelmed by the curse. It’s such a clever little detail that could have easily been left out for the sake of just making the reference, but including them just shows that the artist is a fan of the source material. which will soon become Uzumaki anime and wanted to pay tribute to him in a subtle but brilliant way.

Knowing the surreal imagery that can pop up throughout SpongeBob’s show, having him collide with Ito is a heavenly match. Not only does it match the style of this piece that made Junji Ito so popular, but it also matches his character since he has already suffered frightening representations. Turning Sponge Bob SquarePants into a monster inspired by Junji Itō was a bold move, but it works because it ended up being a brilliant, faithful homage to both mashup art styles.

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Christopher S. Washington