Starfield’s art style described by Bethesda as “NASA-Punk”

star field is the first piece of original IP from the studio behind Skyrim and To fall in a while, and its setting is a more grounded future based on many, many years of humanity exploring the stars. In defining the look, the team of Bethesda coined the term “NASA-Punk” to describe the science fiction universe of Starfield.

“Early on in this project, when we were trying to establish the overall aesthetic of this game, we kind of coined the term ‘NASA-Punk’ to describe a somewhat more grounded and relatable sci-fi universe,” says Starfield’s lead artist. Istvan Pely. “We wanted a very realistic shot. You can draw a line from current space technology and extrapolate from there into the future to make it believable and relevant.

This echoes statements by Todd Howard who in the past has described Starfield’s appearance as more realistic and in keeping with space exploration as we know it today.

“What’s really interesting is how much we’ve all clung to this concept,” added lead animator Rick Vicens. “When you said NASA-Punk, the art team was able to instantly take those two words and make them work. It was just the perfect term for our art direction and keeping everyone in the same flow and working with a style consistent. For me, it’s just clicked. At the beginning of the project, I think this term was essential for us.

Bethesda and Xbox are also releasing a high-quality version of Starfield’s “Journey Through Space” art, as also seen in the video below. For a chance to win, go here for the details.

Starfield is currently on track for a Holiday 2022 release on Xbox on PC and console. We’re expected to get our first look and in-depth gameplay at Xbox E3’s big showcase in June.

Christopher S. Washington