Step into the season with “Autumn Reflections” at Steel City Art Works

PUEBLO, Colo—Steel City Art Works will host a special exhibition of its Autumn Reflection Gallery by Alpha Mu Delta.

The screening is scheduled for Friday, October 1 from 5-8 p.m. at 216 S. Union Ave., Pueblo.

Featured gallery artists this month include:

  • Fran Cosyleon, with her colorful pastels, which rely on realism.
“Picnic Guest” by
Fran Cosyleon
  • Nathan Grisham, a self-taught ceramic artist, who primarily creates turned and functional pieces.
Ceramic Pitcher by Nathan Grisham
  • Sheri Lamkin-Kerr, who creates jewelry in sterling silver, red brass, copper and semi-precious stones.
Jewelry by Sheri Lamkin-Kerr
  • Diana LaMorris, who creates acrylic paintings that are bright, joyful and with as many colors as possible, with a great love for horses, crows and landscapes.
“Happy Bouquet” by Diana LaMorris
  • Debra McCormack, a former doctor who sculpts polymer clay figures, will feature a wizard, ghost, witch and more for Halloween. She is also available to create creatures from customers’ imaginations.
“Come Fly With Me” by Debra McCormack

Special guest show is the artists Alpha Mu Delta. Alpha Mu Delta was formed by a group of women in 1925 with a mission to promote the arts in Pueblo, such as art, music, drama, writing, weaving, and clay crafts. Since then, they have raised funds through garage and holiday sales, and by selling tickets for their group projects.

The sums raised are donated to encourage local and emerging talent. Additionally, some members participate locally in other organizations, exhibiting and selling their art in local stores and on websites.

This exhibition will end on October 3, when the “Back Shop Art Sale” will begin in the back room of the gallery, where patrons will enjoy discounted prices on current and older works by the artists.

Steel City Art Works Gallery is an artist community that has been in Pueblo for 14 years. Known as the “maker community,” the gallery has nearly 40 local artists offering a diverse selection of art forms.

Each month, the Gallery hosts star artists as well as themed shows.

For more information on artists and upcoming events, call 719-542-6838, email [email protected], visit the website for videos at, follow on Facebook and Instagram to see new works posted daily, or get a virtual tour on google maps.

The Gallery is open free to the public Monday to Saturday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Sunday from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m.

Christopher S. Washington