The Avengers Become Perfectly Chosen Horror Icons In Art of Monster Team

Ed McGuinness’ Avengers Forever #3 variant cover mixes classic horror movie genre traits with iconic Marvel heroes for fun and terror.

Marvel Comics Goes Horror For avengers Forever #3. Ed McGuinness’ variant cover features a terrifying take on Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. Avengers Forever #3 ups the ante in this five-part story that takes Ghost Rider, Robbie Reyes, on a quest for post-apocalypse revenge. This cover references many of cinema’s greatest horror stories as a love letter and a chilling face to a Marvel Multiverse in peril.

McGuinness, who is perhaps best known for his work on Superman/Batman, Pontoonand dead Poolbrings a host of undead Marvel superheroes to life for Avengers Forever #3variant cover of . The series is written by Jason Aaron, the author of Thor: god of thunder and Star Wars: Vader Down. The Inkpot award winner at Comic-Con 2016 adds a killer look to these Marvel heroes. The variant cover features nightmarish versions of the Hulk, Iron Man, and Captain America. The full title of Avengers Forever #3 East Lords of Earth’s Vengeance, Part Three: We Who Are About to Revenge. Summon 1930s film poster We who are going to die, new art is in good company.


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League of ComicGeeks posted the massive variant cover at Avengers Forever #3 which retails for $3.99. The characters in the cover all face different directions, creating the impression of massive attacks on all fronts. McGuinness’ Zombie Captain America Brings The Feeling Of Marvel What if…? series on Disney+. Hulk is Frankenstein’s monster creature consisting of Gray Hulk and Red Hulk. A red-clad vampire version of the Sorcerer Supreme, Dr. Strange, watches his unwitting prey as the Eye of Agamotto glows crimson.

Avengers Forever #3 variant cover

This multiversal work of art begs the question of whether or not a Marvel Horror Universe could work. Marvel titles like The Curse of Mutants, ghost rider, Bladeand Punisher: Franken Castle prove that horror works in the Marvel Universe. Marvel Zombies and characters like Morbius, whose Sony Pictures movie is on the way, are proof of concept that the general public is ready for a spookier take on these Marvel heroes. The McGuinness variant cover also brings the Marvel meta with a spiked Iron Man gauntlet rising from a grave with “Stark – Iron Monster” etched on the tombstone.

The idea of ​​a Marvel comic with a classic horror vibe is exciting. Watch DC Comics to learn how to break into a crypto-genre with force. Daniel Warren Johnson and Juan Gedeon are working on the Jurassic League, a six-part version of a Justice League dinosaur, where the Flash is Flashraptor and Batman becomes an allosaurus, Batsaur. The carnage is felt through playful colors, wild imaginations and huge lizards flying off the panels. Also from DC and the minds of Kenny Porter and Baldemar Rivas, readers get a Neon Genesis Evangelion-inspired series, DC Mech. This The series is made up of costumes, powers, gadgets, and mecha suits.

A Marvel series crossing styles of classic horror with some of the brilliant creators already working on stories like Conan, Thor, Black Pantherand avengers forever could be a way to present a new vision of the Hulk and for Dr. Strange, who knows Dracula well, to have to live like him. The limits are endless to what a horror story could be in the Marvel Universe. Avengers Forever #3 is on sale now and the final installment arrives on April 27, 2022.

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Source: League of ComicGeeks

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