The future of women auto mechanics

“Witnessing this as a mechanic really drives me crazy,” says Frida Felix, Gordy’s auto repair mechanic.

Frida felix has been working on cars for over twelve years and now works at Gordy’s Automotive Repair. The reason she went to car school is that she still remembers the days when she had car problems. “It left me on the road every other day, it seemed, so instead of being frustrated. I just had to fix it.”

You rarely see female mechanics in stores. Being a woman in this field, Felix told NEWS15 that you might not know this is a career you might want to work in until you try it. “Sometimes they don’t even know that’s what they like to do because they never had the chance, you know how to see that side not only”

Felix helps women get a good idea of ​​what’s wrong with your car before they go to the mechanic so you don’t get abused, “Since we don’t know, they can just say anything, and we just want our car fixed, and so we pay.”

The women in the community are happy to hear what Felix is ​​doing because, in their eyes, they can trust another woman.

“It makes me feel good as a woman. I’ve been to a mechanic once who told me I needed to do something, and it turns out I didn’t.”

“Having a feminine aspect on things, you know it makes us more comfortable. Many women do not know anything about mechanical work. You don’t want to be overcharged. You just want an honest opinion. “

If women want a free mechanical inspection and advice, you can visit Felix at Gordy’s Automotive Repair in Duson. The address is 2639 S Fieldspan Rd, Duson, LA 70529.

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