The New Wave art movement guides Linehouse’s latest project

The UCCA Edge Museum in Shanghai has expanded with the opening of its on-site restaurant, New Wave by Da Vittorio. The upscale Italian restaurant was designed by design studio Linehouse to pay homage to bold experimentation and the intersection of Chinese and Western culture during the New Wave art movement. “The concept of the restaurant comes from the collision of opposing elements and the process of change,” says Linehouse co-founder Alex Mok.

New Wave offers a softer counterpoint to the vernacular of the museum and includes a series of moments of transition through a sequence of abstract and experiential spaces in reference to a colonnade. The contradiction between soft and hard, rough and smooth, and soft and transparent further characterizes the design.

Nougat-colored terrazzo with inlaid marble covers the interior in shades of green, pink, blue, and gray, while the bar features carved marble with soft edges and lines. The 6,675-square-foot restaurant is further distinguished by abstract, negative shapes that make up a set of rhythmically-sized round arches. Unique woven-textured Japanese triaxle fabric ceiling fins also line the interior with an eye-catching curvature that contextualizes the vaulted space. A private dining room and a sunny outdoor terrace are also included.

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