The twelfth doctor of Peter Capaldi recast in audio drama?

Following Doctor Who drama? Or just a case of incompatible schedules?

Yesterday Big Finish announced Timejacked, a new audio adventure starring the Twelfth Doctor. However, the ad noted the audio drama habit feature the voice of Peter Capaldi, leaving a few reports speculating about behind-the-scenes drama on the BBC.

Rumors swirled due to a recent interview with Capaldi in which the actor was asked about his work on radio plays.

“[I’ve done] play on the radio, but I find them quite sad, ”Capaldi said on The Chris Moyles Show. “I think they’re really good to listen to, but they’re still in the basement of the BBC with pipes and stuff like that. There are no windows and everyone is saying, “Honey, this is the most visual of mediums. They say because the audience has to bring it all up. But it is absolutely an area without glamor.

This interview, which took place almost back to back with another in which Capaldi said he did not want to return to television Doctor Who in a multi-Doctors special, added fuel to the rumor fire.

But let’s throw some water on this blaze before it gets bigger, hmm?

Capaldi definitely doesn’t hate Doctor Who, okay?

First, Capaldi’s comments on The Chris Moyles Show in no way indicated that he never wants to participate in a Doctor Who audio for Big Finish. It just indicates that the process of registering them isn’t the most exciting… which is sort of basically true.

Second, Big Finish announced the audio drama in question on August 5. So it’s not really accurate to say that the Twelfth Doctor has been “recast,” as we don’t know if Capaldi was ever committed to this specific project in the first place.

Given that Big Finish often saves projects long before their official announcement, it’s perfectly reasonable to assume that Capaldi was just busy with other projects. (He’s at James Gunn’s The suicide squad, which these recent interview appearances were meant to promote.)

So basically let’s all take a deep breath and stop looking for the drama. Capaldi has long been Doctor Who fan. It seems pretty unlikely that he suddenly decides to wash the hands of the Whoniverse.

Current Doctor Jodie Whittaker returns to television in Series 13 later this year. Big Finish’s Twelfth Doctor Story Timejacked arrives in February 2022.

So what do you think of this Capaldi drama – precise or overreactive? Let us know in the comments below.

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