This New Met Exhibit Highlights Works of Art by Museum Employees

Did you know that, every two years since 1935, the Metropolitan Museum of Art (Met) hosts an exhibition dedicated to the art of its own employees? This year, for the first time, the private affair becomes public.

Through June 19, all visitors are encouraged to visit “Art Work: Artists Working at The Met,” which is free with regular admission to the museum. You’ll specifically find the works — contributed by more than 450 of the Met’s 1,700 employees — in a space adjacent to the institution’s Ancient Greek Sculpture Room.

Librarians, technicians, security guards, volunteers and many more submitted their work. According Hyperallergic“every artwork submitted is traditionally included in the exhibition and staff members as [Daniel] Kershaw [an exhibition designer manager at the museum] working after hours to set up the exhibit on time.”

Interestingly enough, many of the people whose artworks are showcased in the exhibit are true professionals who work at the museum to pay the bills.

The pieces submitted run the gamut in terms of genre and scope: expect photos, paintings, sculptures and more dealing with all sorts of subjects.

The very unique exhibit is clearly worth a trip to the iconic museum but, once inside, don’t miss your chance to peruse the institution’s other offerings. In addition to our comprehensive guide to the Met, we suggest you check out our article on “In America: An Anthology of Fashion,” the highly publicized Costume Institute show. It’s actually the second part of the year’s flagship exhibition “In America” ​​and the new iteration of the show is an in-depth look at what has defined our country’s fashion over the years. It’s a visually stunning tour through hundreds of years of history told through clothing designed and worn by American citizens. Don’t miss it!

Christopher S. Washington