To the driver with his flashing light all along the blue lakes

We all make mistakes while driving. I know I did stupid things like not using my turn signal because I wasn’t paying attention or pulled back in front of someone who was in my blind spot. I found myself stuck behind this driver on Blue Lakes in Twin Falls who kept his flashing on most of the length of Blue Lakes.

To the driver who left his turn signal the entire way, I have to ask, how don’t you notice the ticking in your vehicle? Mainly from the 5 point bridge. That repetitive noise would drive me crazy.

And again we all make mistakes, but I found it unnecessary that you knocked me over when I tried to stop next to you to tell you that you had your turn signal on for about 5 miles. I wasn’t rude even though I really wanted to, I was just trying to stoplight you at a stoplight on your mistake. There was no need for hostility.

I’m the one who walked past you and I turned MY turn signal on and off without lighting up in the hope that you will understand that you left your turn signal on. Blue Lakes has to be the worst place in Twin Falls, except maybe Pole Line, so you can keep a flashing light and not turn.

That’s why I don’t trust people or blinders anymore. Seriously, I’m glad you were able to get to your destination safely.

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