Twenty-four marching bands expected for the Missouri Day Parade next week

Twenty-four marching bands and other entries will be at the Missouri Day Parade in Trenton next week. The parade will begin at the corner of Crowder Road and Main Street on October 16, 2021 at 8:30 a.m.

Parade spokesperson Steve Maxey said the road would head south to Ninth Street, turn east and continue to Bulldog Avenue. MThe arching bands will be heading to Normal Street as they will compete in other competitions for the Missouri Day Marching Festival at Trenton High School and CF Russell Stadium. The color guard and auxiliary competition starts at 10 a.m.

Maxey says the entrances will line up before the parade on Crowder Road, adjacent streets and North Main. Participants will be contacted by phone or electronically next week with their parade numbers.

Marching festival spokesperson Phillip Ray said groups participating in the competition’s parade will stage behind Cross Hall. The larger schools will unload on the east side of the Ketcham community center and locate in this area. Buses can drop off students and head to the THS campus.

Ray explains that a group should start the parade every four minutes or so.

Maxey says special guests for the parade will meet at the Farmers Bank of Northern Missouri and be assigned a driver. They will roll to Chestnut Street and be inserted into the parade line-up. Special guests include Miss Missouri Callie Cox of Mexico, Missouri, as well as the region’s homecoming queens, barn warming kings and queens, fair royalty and state lawmakers.

Maxey reports that more than $ 1,500 in cash prizes will be awarded to parade entries, the most ever offered. Most entries receiving prizes will receive $ 100 or $ 50 in cash. This is made possible by businesses and individuals who have made donations.

Maxey says an anonymous donor contributed a $ 500 cash prize to what the judges choose as their favorite marching band. The parade spokesperson notes that the prize is not affiliated with the official judging of the walking festival and that the winner will be determined strictly by the parade judges.

Ray comments that the farthest traveling band is from Pleasant Hope, which he describes as a small community between Springfield and Bolivar.

Parade bands will represent classes 1 to 4. Larger bands will participate in other events.

Maxey says anyone with a convertible or van willing to use it at the Missouri Parade on Oct. 16, 2021, for special guests, is urged to contact a member of the Trenton Rotary Club.

More entrees in general are also desired.

There is no charge for general registrations. Political registrations will cost $ 25. Entries can be registered on the Trenton Area Chamber of Commerce website by going to the Missouri Day Festival tab and clicking on Parade Information.

Maxey adds that it is forbidden to throw candy or other objects from the parade entrances. Participants walking can hand out candy.

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