Ukrainian landscape art exhibition to be shown in Silkeborg, Denmark, supported by the Tymofeev Foundation

The exhibition of contemporary Ukrainian art Unfolding Landscapes: Landscape and Poetics in Ukrainian Art will begin on January 29, 2022. It will be exhibited at the art center Bad SilkeborgSilkeborg, Denmark.

The partners and sponsors of the exhibition are The Danish Arts Foundation (Staten Kunstfond), the European Region of Culture (Europæisk Kulturregion), the platform of art dealer Igor Abramovych Art Abramovichand the fund of venture capitalist Ruslan Tymofieiev Tymofeev Foundation.

The exhibition will present more than 40 Ukrainian artists with their works in various mediums: from painting and graphic design to sculpture and video installations. The main conceptual theme is the nature and topography of Ukraine.

Art critic Natalia Matsenko, consultant and coordinator of the exhibition, points out that this is the first presentation of Ukrainian art in Denmark in recent decades.

“Visiting the exhibition, the Danish public will be able to experience new cultural phenomena, as the previous large-scale presentation of Ukrainian art in Denmark took place thirty years ago. We can consider this project in terms of heredity on the one hand and transformation on the other. In thirty years there have been many changes – in Ukraine, in Denmark, in the world, in art and philosophical views on the relationship between man and nature in general. The project aims to move away from colonial exoticism to show contemporary Ukrainian art as an organic part of global processes and to show the country as a place where, like everywhere else, people grow to understand their relationship with the environment “, summarizes the art critic.

The exhibition will feature works by famous Ukrainian artists: Hryhoriy Havrylenko, Anatoly Kryvolap, Mykola Kryvenko, Alexey Kondakov, Nazar Bilyk, Oleg Tistol, Tiberius Silvashi, Marina Skugareva, Zhanna Kadyrova and others. Apart from that, visitors have the opportunity to see works by Sergei Svyachenko, a representative of the Ukrainian new wave who lives in Denmark and whose works are part of the collection of the Royal Court of Denmark.

Ruslan Tymofiiev, the founder of the Tymofeev Foundation and the investment fund Adventure Labstresses that the event has an important mission to strengthen the international image of Ukraine, and the works of art presented allow people to look at Ukraine through the prism of art.

“The exhibition is scheduled for the 30-year jubilee of Danish-Ukrainian diplomatic relations. Such cultural events help to strengthen the image of Ukraine, because with the help of art we declare our country to the world, introduce Ukrainian culture to the international community. It is essential that art remains an integral part of the dialogue between countries because it is a language that does not need translation. Art is a multi-tool that makes connections on many levels: it is both a part of international diplomacy and a personal conversation that finds a way to the heart of every viewer. said Tymofiiev.

Igor Abramovich, Head of the Abramovych Art Platform, Advisor to the Director of the Research Institute of Modern Art of the Ukrainian Academy of Arts, explains the unique presentation of contemporary Ukrainian art through the prism of landscape and its vision by artists of different generations.

“Such a universal theme shows Ukraine as an organic part of the world, which cares equally, in all corners, for the environment, its beauty and diversity, and related modern challenges common to all, to Ukraine too, as the poeticization of its landscape is deeply rooted in its culture. Its nature is truly a landmark, an integral part of the existence and practices of artists. Moreover, thanks to the works of contemporary artists, it is possible to clearly trace the transformation of the landscape, its perception and its image from classical to a variety of artistic experimentation”, said Igor Abramovich.

The exhibition Unfolding Landscapes: Landscapes and Poetics in Ukrainian Art in Silkeborg is on view until 1 May 2022.

Christopher S. Washington