Unique poetry, art exhibition in Kashmir to promote Sufism attracts visitors

Unique poetry, art exhibition in Kashmir to promote Sufism attracts visitors

Posted by ANI on Saturday, October 15, 2022

The unique art exhibition with written Sufi verses has attracted visitors especially those who love Kashmir art. Entitled “Textural and Textual Confluences by Javed Iqbal”, it was organized by the Gayoor Art Foundation, in collaboration with the Department of Archives, Archeology and Museums (J&K) and the Institute of Music and University Kashmir fine arts.

Javed Iqbal, a creative artist, told ANI, “This project has been on hold for two years and now it’s finally finished. My main goal was for our poetry to have so much potential and have the same essence as 300 years ago. So I thought that all the works of famous poets are available in many references, let’s bring this work in visual forms.” “The main purpose of turning it into visual form was to do it as a duo, that’s why it’s called “Textual and Textual Lecture”, a combination of painting and poetry, to be presented visually so that our future generations can relate remembering that our poets had so much potential. Because if we forget our roots, we cannot grow,” he added.

In the past, the valley of Kashmir produced a number of legendary Sufi poets and artists who culminated in this valley of paradise, also known as the valley of Sufis and saints. But unfortunately, due to western cultural influence, the current generation is not fully aware of the rich past including art and culture.

Naushad Gayoor, organizer of the event, told ANI: “Mr. Javed had been working on this series for two years and this type of work has not been done in the past. We took the verses of legendary poets from the past and created a combination of both art forms because literature and painting are both part of fine art, so we mixed visuals and texts to produce something unique.

In a conversation with ANI, an art student, Mir Andleep, said, “Such festivals are very important, because we believe that apart from our art, Sufism should also be promoted. very few people know about our art, so it is a good platform for all artists to show their talent and for the public to gather more knowledge about art and Sufism.

During this painting exhibition, more than thirty paintings were exhibited with Sufi poetry which attracted visitors especially young art lovers, boys and girls. (ANI)

Christopher S. Washington