Victor Harbor Refugee Group promotes student artwork at Coral Street Art Space | The temperature

An exhibition of poster art made by young people has opened at the Coral Street Arts Centre.

Bill Harris, of the Victor Harbor Refugee Group, said posters had been filled in by pupils from primary, secondary and tertiary schools across Australia to celebrate South African Refugee Week in 2021.

“Every day we are reminded of the dire situations in countries like Syria, Afghanistan and Myanmar and we receive reports of hundreds dead, displaced and homeless and thousands of people struggling to surviving in base camps in other countries,” Harris said.

“In responding to them, the students were inspired by themes of multiculturalism, human rights, cultural diversity, anti-racism and their desire to offer Australia as a ‘welcoming’ country.

“The exhibition is designed to take us to the heart of what makes us human, caring and compassionate beings in a multicultural society. All the essential attributes of a welcoming community.

“Victor Harbor Refugee Support Group commends our council for hosting this exhibit.”

The next meeting of the VH Refugee Support Group is scheduled for February 20 at the Christian Gospel Centre. The guest speaker will be Libby Hogarth, who works with refugees in Adelaide.

Christopher S. Washington