Visually tasty works of art leave commoners spellbound

No matter how many digital platforms we create, art festivals are particularly appealing because of the experience of actually being there, visually savoring the artwork hanging on the walls, chatting with the artists, mingle with friends and enjoy a makeshift cup of coffee. cafeteria! The India Art Festival, is a contemporary art fair held from 13 to 16 October 2022 at the Constitution Club of India, Rafi Marg, New Delhi.

Indian Art Festival Founder and Managing Director Rajendra Patil is ready to host and host the upcoming Art Festival with zeal and enthusiasm. He says that India Art Festival pays special attention to improving the quality of art presented at the art festival; though our guiding principles have sprouted from our institutional origins appeal to our conscience to be balanced and accommodating to unrepresented sections like independent artists while judging their work on an established benchmark.

Quality and trust are not only the keys to building an art gallery brand, but they ensure continued reputation and credibility with art buyers. The Curators Art, Pichwai by Beyond Square-Udaipur, Rhythm Art Gallery, Rabi Art Gallery, Gallery Pioneer, Pastel Tales, Artecious- New Delhi and Artvista- Mumbai are some of the galleries that take meticulous care to create an inspiring visual ambiance in their cabins forcing visitors to enter.

In this edition of the IAF, 25 art galleries and 450 artists exhibit more than 4500 works of art in 110 stands. IAF, known for its democratic presentation of art, offers emerging independent artists the opportunity to exhibit with major and mid-level art galleries showcasing established and master artists with thousands of artworks innovative.

Christopher S. Washington