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When you go to visit all the national parks of the United States, you realize very early on that you will never be done.

And it’s a good thing.

The National Parks Service continues to add new sites to the list, and places you may have visited years earlier – like the Gateway Arch in St. Louis – are then elevated to national park status.

This is how I ended up at the Gateway Arch Visitor Center a few weeks ago, adding another stamp to my National Park passport book.

In all, we visited nine states. Here are some notes from the road:

Always this one: As I walked through the Gateway Arch security line, one of the guards noticed my Kenosha Kingfish t-shirt and said, “Kenosha, home of Orson Welles.” Yes, I told him, and also at Daniel J. Travanti and Mark Ruffalo. No matter how many years pass, however, Hollywood legend Welles still reigns supreme.

Spoon : In the Gateway Arch gift shop, two young people jumped for joy when they discovered the spoon display! I assumed no one picked up these memorabilia in 2021, but for every post there is a fan.

Masks? We don’t need stinky masks! Even when we went to places with prominent “mask required” signs on the doors, face coverings were scarce.

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