Ways to Protect Your Privacy and Security with Online Dating Apps

Online dating apps like Tinder collect a large amount of personal information about their users. Tinder’s privacy policy makes it clear that your data may be used to serve “targeted advertising”. Even a little further, the policy says “you should not expect your personal information, chats or other communications to always remain secure.”

Your online data affects which job postings you have access to on LinkedIn, how much you pay to insure your car, which ads you see on YouTube, and whether you can get approved for a loan.

The lack of a national privacy standard and weak security guidelines leave many online daters with inadequate protections and create regulatory uncertainty for dating apps and the websites themselves. In the meantime, how can people using online dating apps protect their privacy and security?

In this episode, Darrell West, Caitlin Chin, and Mishaela Robison discuss the risks of dating apps and what can be done to improve personal safety.

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