What are the rules of Tesco, Asda, Aldi, Lidl, Sainsbury’s and Morrisons on the sale of fireworks

Every year as Bonfire Night and New Years roll out, the fireworks debate arises.

Many are concerned about the sound of fireworks and how upsetting it can be for animals or those living with neurodivergence such as PTSD.

In a recent poll reported by the RSPCA, they found: “that 52% of UK adults in England and Wales will hold private exhibitions at home, with friends and family. This peak in private exhibitions (29 % more than in 2019), could wreak havoc on pets, livestock and wildlife.

They believe that the increase in private exhibitions, due to the cancellation of public events, is a “powder keg” for the animals and their families.

Catherine Kinane, medical director of Combat Stress, a veterans mental health charity, said:

“Not only is this time of year difficult due to the heartbreak surrounding the armistice, but the sudden and unexpected sound and bangs of fireworks can be reminiscent of frontline battles where they were exposed to the horrors of the war in the service of this country.

“This is why we want to see the end of selling loud fireworks to the public and that stores only sell silent fireworks. Running a noisy fireworks display should require a license, although we’d love the tips to move on to quieter fireworks and laser light shows. “

British supermarket giant Sainburys announced earlier in October that it would not be selling fireworks this year, having not stocked the items since 2019.

While the Sainburys have never given an official line for their ban, it has been welcomed by those concerned.

Now, attention has turned to other supermarket giants in the UK to see their stance on fireworks sales this year.


Sainsbury’s will not sell fireworks this year, having banned the item since 2019.


Fireworks will be on sale at Tesco this year. “They are already on sale,” a spokesperson confirmed to WalesOnline.


Fireworks are available at Asda this year, a spokesperson confirmed to WalesOnline, however, their range includes specialized “silent” fireworks, created to cause less distress to those mentioned above.


According to the Morrisons website, the fireworks are for sale this year, but in stores only.


Aldi will sell fireworks this year, but its 2021 lineup includes new noise ranges. Buyers can purchase the range with each item having a low, medium or high noise rating, to choose what works best for them.


According to their website, Lidl will be selling fireworks this year.

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