What do you think of the reveal and art style of Street Fighter 6?

Thousands and thousands of fighting game fans around the world tuned in last night to see the big unveiling of Street Fighter 6, and it didn’t disappoint – or did it?

We’d like to take a moment to ask what you thought of our first and brief look at the next generation of Street Fighter.

As it has already sparked a lot of debate, our latest poll was split into 2 for opinions regarding SF6’s new graphics/art style as well as what was shown in the teaser as a whole.

Personally, of course, I was hoping to see a little more after all that buildup, but what was shown still looked cool and interesting for the most part.

For the graphics, I probably would have preferred to shift the pendulum towards the livelier aesthetic, even though the fidelity there was so high that I immediately came to it.

Let us know what you think of the Street Fighter 6 teaser in the polls below.

Christopher S. Washington