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The whimsical new works of Hunt Slonem

Featured at New River Fine Art

Hunt Slonem’s whimsical works show his love for nature and express his distinct neo-expressionist style. His latest works, shown at New River Fine Art, are a series of oil paintings depicting his classically playful bunnies, butterflies and birds. The collection includes many pieces ranging from large 48 x 48 inch canvases, such as Moluccan cockatoos, to smaller 10 x 8 inch vividly colored rabbit portraits.

One piece in particular, “Summerland”, perfectly exemplifies Slonem’s use of bold color combinations. A series of pigmented butterflies instantly draw the viewer into the room. The bright hues of their yellow, red and blue wings help these fragile beings stand out against the textured white background behind them. The liveliness of the work gives it a certain charm reminiscent of bygone summer days. Slonem, who has mastered this aesthetic, sweeps his expansive and sumptuous brushstrokes across the canvas like tall trees blowing in the wind. While this artistic style is noticeable, each lush gesture translates into abundant color diversification allowing for variety among his pieces.

Slonem’s works are highly recognizable and preferred by many. His masterpieces are in the permanent collections of 250 museums around the world, including the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Whitney. Most recently, Slonem is currently featured at the 2022 Venice Biennale, a prestigious international cultural exhibition held annually in Venice, Italy.

Slonem’s works have since become highly sought after at New River Fine Art, as the gallery prides itself on exhibiting his work. To learn more about New River Fine Art’s selection of Hunt Slonem pieces or their other investment grade fine art, such as Impressionist, 20th Century Master, Pop and Contemporary, please contact (954) 524 -2100 or visit the online gallery at www.newriverfineart.com


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Written by: Carly Conboy, New River Fine Art | Modern Burgess + Contemporary Staff

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