Why are there fireworks in Pokémon GO?


Here’s a breakdown of what fireworks are for in Pokémon GO. / Photo courtesy of Niantic

Why are there fireworks in Pokémon GO?

At. On November 5 at around 10 a.m. local time, many players reported that there were fireworks in Pokémon GO. While cool, it seems a lot of these coaches didn’t know why they were there. Here’s a breakdown of what fireworks are for in Pokémon GO.

From Friday November 5 to Sunday November 14, Niantic invited coaches to celebrate light overcoming darkness with a brand new event called the Festival of Lights.

The Pokémon GO Festival of Lights is a Diwali-inspired event where players are encouraged to rediscover and strengthen bonds with everyone around them.

In addition to the event also bringing the debut of the Electric and Fairy-type Pokémon, Dedenne, along with some additional bonuses for those in India, Niantic also added fireworks to the game to celebrate the occasion.

“The Festival of Lights deserves great exposure,” Niantic wrote in a blog post, “So you’ll be able to enjoy the fireworks in Pokémon GO for the first few days of the event as Trainers around the world celebrate the Diwali Festival.”

This year Diwali started on November 4 and is scheduled to end on November 10. At this time, fireworks will probably no longer appear in Pokémon GO.

November looks to be another promising month for Pokémon GO with three more events planned underway.

Similar to last year’s very first Day of the Dead special event for trainers in Latin America, Pokémon GO will host a special Día de Muertos event for trainers around the world from Monday November 1 through Tuesday November 2.

Pokémon GO will also be hosting a Shining Diamond and Shining Pearl Celebration Event to commemorate the launch of upcoming titles from Tuesday, November 16 through Sunday, November 21.

Finally, the Season of Mischief will end with an “epic” event that has yet to be revealed. From Friday November 26 to Monday November 29, coaches who have completed the Special Research Story on Unsung Mischief will be able to unlock a Special Research Story where they will have the opportunity to “learn more” about Hoopa.

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