wikipedia votes against classifying NFTs as art

should NFT art sales be considered art or NFT sales?

a group of editors on wikipedia, the free online encyclopedia, voted against categorization non-fungible tokens (NFT) as an art form. it all started on the platform last December. wikipidia editors wondered if sales were up to $60m – like pak’s $91m collections and beeple’s $69m NFT – should be on the list. following a public debate, five wikipedia editors voted do not classify NFTs as art and only one opposed it.

“Wikipedia really can’t decide what counts as art or not, which is why putting NFTs, art or not, in their own list makes things a lot easier. there is a separate issue of artificial NFT price inflation, although that is something that should be decided in the NFT list and not here,” said a wikipedia editor at a conference.

“How can we have consensus when from the beginning I have argued for the inclusion of NFTs in this list. the overwhelming evidence from secondary sources places nft art as art and deserves so to be included in this list. if we agree that beeple and pak are artists, why wouldn’t their sales count on this list? i don’t understand the logic here,’ mentioned the only objector among wikipedia editors.

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picture by clever gateway

full header image by by Christie (beeple (born in 1981) every day: the first 5000 days)

the news sparked backlash from the crypto community

not to mention that this news sent the crypto community into disarray given the global reach of wikipedia. “Duncan Cock Foster”, an intern from cryptocurrency app gemini commented on this topic in a series of tweets. “NFTs have taken the world by storm in recent years.” “For the first time, digital artists are getting the recognition they deserve. Galleries and the legacy art world have never recognized digital art as a true artistic medium, but the NFT world has. do ! “

‘wikipedia is working on a precedent. If NFTs are classified as “non-artistic” on this page, they will be classified as “non-artistic” on the rest of wikipedia. wikipedia is the global source of truth for many people around the world. the stakes couldn’t be higher!

he ends with this comment, “To be clear, I’m not saying all NFTs are art – I’m just saying art NFTs are art and should be treated as such.”

Foster’s twin brother and co-founder of the crafty gateway platform, also got involved, posting a tweet with the label “Art Emergency”.

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January 14, 2022

Christopher S. Washington