WTF are NFTS? The new digital artworks taking the world by storm

Grimes sold NFTs she created, and Twitter founder Jack Dorsey also created an NFT from his first Tweet. Can anyone create an NFT?

Absoutely. That’s why it’s so exciting. Anyone can create an NFT. There are many platforms. As far as we are concerned, we obviously organize and work with artists who share a similar vision and interests. However, we are always open to finding, exploring and discovering new artists. We are very happy to say that we are one of the premier websites in the world where you can strike your own art. You can put it up for sale through auction or directly through us, so it’s something we’re going to develop and grow. In early 2022, we are launching an emerging NFT-only platform called Kreation.

Your latest exhibition features NFTs alongside physical art. Does that mean people can view NFTs in your gallery, or do they still have to go online to view them?

Absoutely. We have screens throughout the gallery where you can view NFTs. We also have a mobile app that you can download by scanning a QR code. On the app, you can also access exclusive content from the exhibition. You can also bid using Metaverse auctions, which require a digital wallet, in this case something like Metamask. Once you’re set up, you can bid in the gallery during the event or even from the comfort of your home. Some of the NFTS have been turned into exclusive prints and others are strictly displayed on large LED screens.

Who are the most exciting NFT artists?

We had the pleasure and the honor to work with Jan Kaláb who is one of the most talented painters and sculptors. He became very interested in the NFT space and we had a conversation in January and we decided to publish his very first NFT at the end of April in our Matter of form show, which sold to a massive Hong Kong collector for over $44,000 at the time. He is one of the most exciting artists we have had the pleasure of representing.

As for other artists, I’m a big fan of the first vendors in this world, such as Larva Labs. I think it’s amazing how they got into this collectible world.

Christopher S. Washington