X-Men Fan Art turns your favorite mutants into awesome anime heroes

Artist Gray’s epic new fan art on Twitter reimagines lesser-known X-Men heroes in an anime art style, showing just how much the two fit together.

The x-men are no strangers to unique style changes and different creative ventures. In fact, a x-men comics are synonymous with creativity. Now some of the most iconic female X-Men characters have been given an anime twist in new fan art by the artist Gray.

When it comes to the world of comics, few franchises are as iconic as the X-Men. Since their debut in 1963, the team of super-powered mutants have captivated readers with their stories of struggle and triumph. Now, a fan has taken it a step further by reimagining these beloved characters as anime heroes. The artist features Gabrielle “Honey Badger” Kinney, Laura Kinney’s Wolverine, Illyana Rasputin (AKA “Magik”), and Jubilee in this piece. At first glance, it may seem that these four (wrongly) have nothing in common. All four characters have a connection to Wolverine, hail from Earth-616, and have resistance to telepathy through their biological modifications or due to the mystical nature of their powers. While these characters rarely get the same recognition as someone like Cyclops or Logan’s Wolverine, these women have always captured fans’ attention with their skills and solidified themselves as fan favorites. Now artist Gray is paying homage to these heroes with a unique anime twist.


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Art, shared by Grey on Twitter (@ThEJG_), features Wolverine, Illyana Rasputin, Honey Badger and Jubilee in their own stylish poster. Laura Kinney’s Wolverine in particular looks incredibly majestic because it lives up to its name. Each woman sports a new look that combines her comical uniforms with classic anime artwork, and the warm, sunny background tones push the heroes to the fore. The quartet of characters make direct eye contact with the viewer, each seeming ready to defeat any foe. The anime’s vibrant colors and exaggerated facial features pair surprisingly well with the illustrative character style of the X-Men, bringing a unique aesthetic to some of the interesting X-Men heroes that unites anime fans and of the X-Men.

The anime-inspired artwork has been positively received by fans, who appreciate the fresh take on familiar characters. Gray’s artwork perfectly captures the strength and determination of these iconic characters. This fan art does a great job of giving each woman her own unique style. Gray’s art style is reminiscent of classic anime like Voltron Where Dragon Ball Z, but with a modern twist that gives them an updated look. Each character is instantly recognizable, but they all have a unique style that sets them apart in this new setting. Whether you’re a fan of the X-Men or just enjoy great anime artwork, this is sure to impress and bring joy to any fan.

The x-men the series is constantly evolving and producing new events defining the series as Judgment Day, with creative teams focused on evolving through stories, not art styles. While it remains to be seen if the X-Men will ever get a makeover in official media, this fan art is a fun way to imagine what they might look like. The results are simply amazing and will undoubtedly leave x-men fans want more.

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Source: Grey

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